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organizational change management

lWhich of the following is an example of a leading indicator?a. Software bugs reported to vendor support in Release x.xb. Number of users who sign up for personal training at the fitness centerc. Work management center calls completed within 5 minutesd. Next quarter budget for an outsourced serviceThe results from a feasibility study showed that constructing a new plant would have the best economic feasibility for an organization. However, construction plus relocation time will prevent the organization from meeting its time-to-market strategic objective. Assuming viable leasing and building spaces are available, which of the following should the facility manager recommend?a. Build the new facility on the original schedule because it is more important to meet long-term cost goals than a time-to-market objective.b. Lease and modify an existing facility (even if it costs more but is still economic feasible), so long as it gets production capacity available soon enough to meet the organization’s time-to-market objectives.c. Cancel the strategic plans and re-perform strategic facility studies until a solution is found that can feasibly address all strategic objectives.d. Build the new facility but rush construction and relocation in order to meet time-to-market objectives even if it significantly increases risks of project failure.In a “what-if” purchase versus lease analysis, which of the following factors could be used in conjunction with the total purchase costs for a building, cost of financing, current property taxes and the depreciation schedule to assess the opportunity and/or risks involved?a. Beginning rental rates and future value (FV) of the buildingb. Inflation and recessionc. Capital outlay and mortgage termsd. Occupancy costs and capital gains taxesWhich of the following is true of controlling the schedule during project execution and control?a. Schedule creep is acceptable if it results in useful new features at an acceptable cost.b. If work cannot be brought back on schedule, changing the schedule is not an option.c. Small schedule slips are important and require immediate action.d. Project managers use schedule variance analysis as the primary guide for deciding whether to recommend actions or changes to the schedule.FM is managing the build out of a new facility. Management wants a workplace that fits its strategy, which is characterized by speed of response to external events, agility in redeploying its resources towards new opportunities and a collaborative and flexible mindset among its managers and employees. What would be the best directions that FM could provide the space planner and interior designer?a. Ensure a one to one ratio of employees to workstations.b. Increase cubicle area size.c. Choose furniture that is light, standard and reconfigurable.d. Build power and connectivity into interior walls.When determining the most effective way to reach multiple stakeholders, a communication plan shoulda. determine how to facilitate bottom-to-top feedback.b. account for message distortion due to frame of reference.c. assess where or from whom does the audience get its information.d. use employee suggestion boxes.Before training staff and equipping them with necessary tools, FM needs to develop a process for shutting down critical lines and systems quickly in the event of an emergency. What would be the best first step towards achieving that objective?a. Tabletop exercise focusing on the procedure in questionb. Workshop meeting for experienced FM staffc. Seminar about the process of emergency preparedness and FM’s roled. Drill focusing on performing the process with intense debriefing afterwardsScenario: An organization considers two mutually exclusive real estate projects with identical initial investments of US $100,000.00 but different expected cash flows. The organization requires a 10 percent return on these types of investments. Based on the following cash flows and net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR) data, which project is preferable?”YearProject ARankProject BRank0– $100,000– $100,000170,000.0020,000.00260,000.0050,000.00320,000.00100,000.00NPV at 10%$28,249.002$34,636.001IRR28.70%121.46%2 a. Project A because expected cash flows are high early-on.b. Project B because NPV identifies it as having the most favorable return.c. Project A because IRR yields a higher percent.d. Project B because expected cash flows rise over timeThe Vice President, Facility Operations, is trying to explain to senior management why FM needs to be involved earlier in the process of strategic planning. Which of the following statements would help make the case?a. Facility operations and maintenance directly affects the organization’s cost of doing business.b. Facility managers by nature tend to focus on long-range results.c. Facility managers have a better sense of facility standards and practices in comparable organizations.d. FM is responsible for “keeping the lights on.”.FM in a manufacturing organization uses a Sustainability Balanced Scorecard to develop its sustainability program. The organization operates in a highly competitive market, in which customers value reliability in supply and compliance with specifications. Which of the following questions is FM most likely to ask when considering whether to include a sustainable supply chain policy?a. How much energy will we save by this practice?….newb. What impact will this policy have on our ability to fulfill Operations’ needs?c. How much money can we save by focusing our business on these suppliers?d. How do we select the right suppliers?A facility director is informed by senior management that existing space must be adapted for a new product line. After an initial meeting with Operations, it is clear that the new product presents different workplace environmental challenges. What should the facility director do first?a. Interview representatives from designated equipment manufacturers.b. Create a remodeling budget and timeline.c. Determine what specific resources and expertise are needed…new.d. Develop a work plan.An organization has a traditional functional/structural model. Even though each department can prove it has efficient internal processes, nevertheless the overall processes are slow compared to benchmark organizations. Which of the following is likely occurring?a. Immoral or amoral management cultureb. Matrix two-boss problemc. Departments are in the storming phased. Silo or stovepipe effect–The intent of a customer satisfaction survey question is to assess FM’s ability to perform promised service dependably and accurately. One of the questions is a statement, “Performs the service right the first time” with a five-point rating scale that ranges from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree.” An advantage of this rating scale is ita. increases the number of respondents who will answer the question.b. allows the customer to express a degree of opinion.c. captures a rich understanding of customer attitudes.d. provides perceptions about the importance of service reliability.A processing facility for recycled materials does not have an enterprise asset management system, only incomplete-paper-based records. It has an older building automation system, but no integrated database technologies. It would like to begin to automate its FM workflow systems and include the facility’s primary systems. What would be the best way to start?a. Implement a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system as a test to see if automatic data capture delivers financial benefits to the organization.b. Create the facility’s own 2D codes and attach them to equipment so technicians can scan them with smart phones and access correct manuals online.c. Purchase a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system since it offers more possibilities for future growth. Implement an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) suite of programs that can integrate identification data with workflow processes.d. Barcode primary systems equipment and transfer existing data into a digital database. Subscribe to a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) on a trial basis.During a restacking project, employees pull together events and fill in gaps to make sense and provide explanations for what it going on. This activity exemplifiesa. downward communication.b. a filter.c. the grapevine.d. active listening.Which of the following would be considered a capital budgeting decision?a. Should employee cafeteria prices be raised?b. How much should a new grounds maintenance employee be paid?c. Should expensive new equipment be leased or purchased?d. How many footers and drains will be required this quarter for a small commercial property?A multi-tenant office building in an urban area is planning a unified emergency response to a bomb threat and is considering plausible assembly areas if an incident requires evacuating occupants. Which of the following spaces would be the best choice for an assembly area?a. A corner coffee shop that can provide protection from the elements and wireless connectivityb. The lobby of the neighboring buildingc. The sidewalk area immediately outside the buildingd. A surface parking area one block away from the buildingPart of a facility collapses during an earthquake. Once insurance and permitting issues have been resolved, FM begins the process of managing the new repair and reconstruction projects. Bids are solicited, and security is arranged for the facility site. What else might occur during this time?a. FM does interviews with local media about the incident and the facility’s response.b. FM assumes leadership of business continuity activities.c. The incident management team leader transfers command to FM.d. An investigation is ordered into the causes of the collapse.In which of the following project phases are a project’s end results identified?a. Planb. Actc. Defined. DoFM assesses the facility workplace informally, by conducting frequent but brief observational tours of the facility at different times of the day. The facility manager notices few empty cubicles. The meeting rooms are mostly empty. Few occupants gather around copiers and printers because the spaces are small and surrounded by workspaces. The main gathering places seem to be in the cafeteria; there are no break rooms on individual floors. In the cafeteria, the facility manager notices several smaller groups of occupants conducting work meetings during low occupancy periods. What hypothesis might FM draw from these observations?a. An excessive amount of space has been allotted to meeting rooms.b. Facility services may be poorly located.c. Occupants do not have ample space.d. Facility utilization rate is not satisfactory.If a project deliverable is rejected, validation of repaired or corrected deliverables is conducted by which of the following?a. Quality controlb. Risk managementc. Change controld. Quality assurance fM knows the kind of risks to which the facility is vulnerable and how often they are likely to occur. FM also knows the damage to equipment and structures that is likely to occur and what mitigation or prevention would cost. What other basic factor should FM consider in developing a risk management plan?a. Major business process flowsb. Costs for restorationc. Insurance cost and coveraged. Cost of disruption to critical processes d. Cost of disruption to critical processesFM prefers an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) that can collect, analyze and report a variety of data from the facility’s actual performance. Management is skeptical because the preferred system is significantly more expensive. What would be the best argument FM could make for the more expensive system?a. The feature will save FM staff time.b. Performance metrics can be used assess the value of future sustainability projects.c. This feature is required for sustainable building certification systems.d. Data will be less susceptible to manipulation…..newIn evaluating a proposal for a renovation project, allocated space that is currently idle could be rented for $100,000 USD per month. The rent for the empty space is an example of a (n)a. opportunity cost.b. differential cost.c. fixed cost.d. sunk cost.or ApplicationA facility director often observes an operations manager correcting employees, but never praising them, even when it might be appropriate to do so. The feedback is good and kindly delivered. How should the facility director handle this?a. Send the manager to a supervisory skills training class.b. Explain the motivational value of occasional, earned praise to the manager.c. Effective management is a personal style with which the facility director should not interfere.d. Say nothing. If the manager’s tone is positive, there is no harm being done.Occupant satisfaction can be typically measured by what is known as a service quotient or customer service index. Which of the following methods is generally used to determine that quotient?a. Divide the number of complaints by the number of occupants to determine if the curve is rising or falling.b. Review work results reports to compare current service level with previous service levels.c. Add or increase contractor or staff services and measure relative change in occupant complaints.d. Survey occupants and compare current satisfaction with previous satisfaction levels.Which of the following practices could help a facility manager influence stakeholders?a. Exercise formal positional powerb. Note records of FM accomplishment and recognized expertisec. Frame issues in terms of key FM concerns and interestsd. Get others to look at issues in a different wayA facility manager is conducting early discussions with the organization’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) about the benefits of acquiring a new Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) that would be of most interest to this individual as a senior manager?a. The IWMS’s health and safety module can expedite required reporting of workplace conditions and accidents.b. The IWMS’s energy management module can lower the organization’s electric and water utility rates….internetc. Acquiring the system will support the organization’s image as a technological leader among its competitors.d. The IWMS will make it possible to increase the number of work orders completed by FM technicians each week.

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organizational change management
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