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study of development of cultures

Chapter 5, Section 5.1, Review Questions , Exercise 1Which of these characterizes a cross-sectional study of development?(a) Researchers compare people from several cultures.(b) Researchers compare one group of people at several times as they grow older.(c) Researchers compare people of dierent ages, at the same time.(d) Researchers examine many aspects of behavior, for one group of people at one point in time.

Chapter 5, Section 5.3, Review Questions , Exercise 3A “collectivist” attitude is more common in southern China than in northern China. What is apparentlyresponsible for this dierence?(a) Greater prevalence of Confucianism in southern China(b) A history of rice farming in southern China(c) A longer history of communist government in southern China(d) A higher level of education in southern China

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study of development of cultures
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Chapter 7, Section 7.1, Review Questions , Exercise 1What is one major dierence between procedural (habit) and declarative memory?(a) Procedural memory develops gradually and is sensitive to information that is usually but not always correct.(b) Procedural memory depends on a single experience.(c) Procedural memory occurs only in adulthood.(d) Procedural memory is forgotten quickly.

Chapter 7, Section 7.1, Review Questions , Exercise 2When police ask a witness to identify a suspect from a lineup, which of the following procedures dopsychologists recommend?(a) Ask for a percent condence answer instead of a yes/no answer(b) Inform the witness that the police strongly suspect one of the people in this lineup.(c) Use an array of suspects who vary greatly in their appearance.(d) Encourage a witness who has identied the same person that the police suspect.
Chapter 7, Section 7.1, Review Questions , Exercise 3To investigate a possible case of sexual abuse of a young child, what is the best way to ask the child?(a) Provide the child with an anatomically detailed doll and ask the child to demonstrate what happened.(b) Ask, “tell me what happened,” as soon as possible.(c) Ask, “Did the man manipulate your genitals?”(d) First tell the child what other children have reported after being sexually abused.

Chapter 8, Section 8.1, Review Questions , Exercise 1In a pioneering study, Shepard and Metzler concluded that imagining how something would look from adierent angle is something like actually watching something rotate. They drew this conclusion by measuringwhat?(a) The delay of people’s responses(b) The accuracy of people’s responses(c) Brain activity(d) People’s self-reports of how they answered the question

Chapter 9, Section 9.1, Review Questions , Exercise 1What evidence did Spearman have for the existence of ?(a) Scores of monozygotic twins correlate highly with each other.(b) Scores on any test of intelligent performance correlate positively with scores on other tests.(c) Children who are identied as intellectually gifted tend to become highly productive adults.(d) On the average, intelligence scores are equal for males and females.

Chapter 11, Section 11.1, Review Questions , Exercise 1How does the concept of allostasis dier from homeostasis?(a) Allostasis pertains to how we maintain constancy within the body.(b) Allostasis pertains to how we make changes for new circumstances.(c) Allostasis emphasizes the importance of incentives.

Chapter 11, Section 11.1, Review Questions , Exercise 6Which of these bits of advice is best for someone who is trying to resist a temptation?(a) Practice resisting various types of temptation.(b) Be condent of your ability to resist the temptation.(c) Watch what happens to other people who yield to temptation.(d) Remind yourself of ethical norms.

Chapter 12, Section 12.3, Review Questions , Exercise 4Which of the following is associated with the probability of developing PTSD?(a) PTSD depends on the severity of the traumatic event.(b) People with a smaller than average hippocampus are more likely to develop PTSD.(c) People who talk with a therapist as soon as possible after the event can avoid PTSD.(d) Monozygotic twins are more likely to develop PTSD.

Chapter 12, Section 12.3, Review Questions , Exercise 5Suppose you are nervous about giving a speech before a group of 200 strangers. How could you inoculateyourself to reduce the stress?(a) Take some deep-breathing exercises to relax.(b) Practice giving your talk to a smaller group.(c) Locate the exits of the room to increase your sense of control.(d) Take some pills to decrease your anxiety.

Chapter 15, Section 15.1, Review Questions , Exercise 1In what way does DSM help psychologists do research?(a) It tells researchers the correct way to do research.(b) It helps researchers nd adequate samples of people with disorders.(c) It helps ensure that researchers identify each disorder in the same way.(d) It species the correct statistical tests to use in the research.

Chapter 15, Section 15.1, Review Questions , Exercise 2How, if at all, can therapists conrm which of two or more psychiatric diagnoses is the correct one?(a) An examination of the genes can determine the correct diagnosis.(b) Brain scans can conrm the correct diagnosis.(c) A blood test can conrm the correct diagnosis.(d) No available test can conrm one diagnosis over another.

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