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Expert problem solving

Which of these topics was a major research concern for the earliest psychologists?(a) Vision and other sensations(b) Mental illness(c) Social conformity(d) Expert problem solving

In the early days of psychology, structuralists wanted to discover ________ and functionalists wanted tounderstand _______.(a) what mind can do the elements that compose mind(b) the elements that compose mind what mind can do(c) treatments for mental illness the best ways to rear children(d) the best ways to rear children… treatments for mental illness

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Expert problem solving
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Which of these topics would a behaviorist probably avoid?(a) Stimulus-response connections(b) Animal behavior(c) Learning(d) Thought and knowledge

What event led to the rise of clinical psychology as we know it today?(a) World War II(b) Popular lms that depicted mental illness(c) The writings of Sigmund Freud(d) Economic collapse

How does basic research dier from applied research?(a) Basic research is simpler, and requires less training.(b) Basic research is more complex, and requires greater training.(c) Basic research seeks solutions to current problems, rather than theoretical understanding.(d) Basic research seeks theoretical understanding, rather than a solution to a current

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