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cloud computing software

cloud computing

refers to the shared software and information that users access via the web. Rather than storing information on their own physical servers or computer hard drives, users rely on servers that are maintained by the cloud computing software providers

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cloud computing software
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involving purchasing, engineering, supplier quality assurance, the supplier, and other related functions working together as one team, early on, to further mutual goals

extended enterprise/extended value chain

a concept that states that success is a function of effectively managing a linked group of firms past first-level suppliers or customers

ISM report on business

one of the most closely followed indicators of economic activity. It is a monthly survey of purchasing managers in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors that is closely monitored by the financial sector. Results of both reports have the power to move financial markets

managing the supply base

requires purchasing professionals to work directly with those suppliers that are capable of providing world-class performance and advantages to the buyer


involves evaluating suppliers located closer to the USA. ex: Mexico, central/South America

organizational design

the process of assessing and selecting the structure and formal system of communication, division of labor, coordination, control, authority, and responsibility required to achieve organizational goals and objectives, including supply chain objectives

process approach

supply management often takes this type of approach to obtain required goods and services. Supply management is made up of different processes: identifying, evaluating, selecting, managing, and developing suppliers to realize supply chain performance that is better than that of competitors


a functional group as well as a functional activity. ex: supplier identification and selection; buying, negotiating, and contracting; supply market research; supplier measurement and improvement; purchasing systems development


bringing some sourcing back to the US

reverse supply chain

its goal is to rapidly identify and return tainted products back through the supply chain

strategic responsibilities

activities that have a major impact on the long-term performance of the organization

supply chain

a set of 3 or more organizations linked directly by one or more of the upstream or downstream flows of products, services, finances, and information from a source to a customer

supply chain management

endorses a supply chain orientation and involves proactively managing the two-way movement and coordination of goods, services, information, and funds from raw material through end user

supply chain orientation

a higher-level recognition of the strategic value of managing operational activities and flows within and across a supply chain

supply management

a strategic approach to planning for and acquiring the organization’s current and future needs through effectively managing the supply base, utilizing a process orientation in conjunction with cross-functional teams to achieve the organizational mission

third party logistics providers (3PLs)

full-service transportation providers that design and manage entire distribution networks for their clients

value chain

composed of primary and support activities that can lead to competitive advantage when configured properly

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