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Human resource management case study

Eco-Utensils is the Caribbean’s largest manufacturer of eco-friendly catering equipment and disposables. The company was formed in 2017 in Jamaica, in anticipation of the expected ban on single-use plastic bags, plastic straws and Styrofoam. The company now employs approximately 400 workers at its facility in Jamaica and ships to countries all over the Caribbean and Latin America. There is an established safety programme, which includes a yearly safety refresher. Safety is a top priority at Eco-utensils and they have recently employed a Health and Safety Officer (HSO). Supervisors are required to conduct once daily, inspections of all equipment. The management of Eco-Utensils conducted their yearly review of the Health and Safety reports and what they found alarmed them. Recently several incidents have taken place at the factory and top management is reevaluating all aspects of safety at the facilities to determine what, if any changes, they will need to make to maintain the company’s exemplary safety record. Review the following and answer the accompanying questions. Recently, three workers were seriously injured by a large press used to mold the plates and bowls. The workers spent time in the hospital for hand injuries, and they are currently recuperating at home. The HSO investigated. He interviewed the injured workers and they indicated that the most experienced workers removed the safety guard from the machine. The injured workers were all new employees. Each was interviewed by the HSO, two said that they did not think there would be any danger in removing the guard, while the third said he thought it was a bad idea but decided to keep quiet. The HSO reviewed the supervisors’ logs which showed that inspections were being carried out at the start of each shift. The HSO also reviewed the orientation programme and found that it emphasized that management had a keen interest in safety.

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Human resource management case study
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