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Literary Analysis Essay

I NEED 2 DRAFTS, A ROUGH AND A FINAL DRAFT. (Please make sure to show improvements from the rough to final draft)

Literary Analysis

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Literary Analysis Essay
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Is generally focused on one topic
A theme or symbol(s) or development, and so on.
For our purposes, it will be interpretive in nature (This is NOT a book review. Instead, you will examine an aspect of the text and support your analysis/interpretation of it.)
Is supported by:
textual examples
outside sources (cited, of course)
It examines the text, although for some analyses, you may also examine the author or the culture/time period of the author.
It may consider any/all of the following:
structure, plot
style, tone, language
symbols, allegories, allusions
If there is a summary of the text, it is extremely brief (perhaps a sentence or two, certainly no more than a paragraph).
Remember that the narrator is not the same as the author.
Literature is crafted, so examine the craft
Consider the context of the literature:
What forces shaped it?
How was it received?
Remember that this type of essay is different from the previous one. In a exemplification essay, we have an emphasis on evidence (along with explanations of that evidence). In a literary analysis essay, the emphasis is reversed. You certainly have textual evidence, but the emphasis is on your analysis — your thoughts, insights, perceptions. You need to give judgment and show not only what you think but why you think that. You might want to include outside sources (other expert opinions), but those other opinions should not dominate nor overshadow your text — your own well-supported interpretations.

Link to I, Robot: https://www.ttu.ee/public/m/mart-murdvee/Techno-Ps…

The essay must be :

Written in third-person narrative perspective
Use multiple (AT LEAST THREE) sources that are:
Clearly organized
Follows MLA style and format
Five or more pages in length, plus a Works Cited page (so a total of 6 pages including the works cited page)
When examining the book, you’ll want to try to focus on just one aspect that runs through most, if not all, of the stories. It may be a character or characters such as Susan Calvin or Powell and Donovan. It may be the development and increased sophistication of the robots as the stories progress. It may be the Three Laws of Robotics and how they play out in the various stories. It may be the changing, dynamic relationships between robots and humans. Whatever you choose, please try to find something that threads its way throughout the majority of the nine short stories in our text.


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