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Mini-Case Study entitled “Strategy

n the Capsim simulation, you receive clear information about customers’ requirements and how they change over time. This allows you to anticipate exactly where a new product should be placed to best capture market share throughout the simulation. Even knowing that, however, doesn’t make the implementation simple.

Review the Capsim Mini-Case Study entitled “Strategy.” To access Capsim case studies, click “eText and Cases” from the left navigation menu, as shown below:

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Mini-Case Study entitled “Strategy
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Consider the following important topics:

Describe what your competitors are doing.
Analyze other products in the market.
Evaluate the resources needed to design and market the product.
Compare the capacity needed to build the product with the available capacity.
Address each of these four elements in your paper.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

Be 5-6 pages in length, excluding the title and references pages.
Be formatted according to the APA (see attached)
In addition to course resources, use the CSU-Global Library to find three additional resources to support the position you take.



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