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Allocation of Policy: Addressing the Needs of the Populace

For this discussion, you will need to complete the textbook readings for this module. Public Policy of Crime and Criminal Justice, Chapters 5 and 6.

Within every society, there is a distribution of power. Not everyone has power or influence over policy decisions at the macro or micro level.

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Allocation of Policy: Addressing the Needs of the Populace
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In this discussion, we will discuss the spectrum of societal needs and what needs are addressed by policy and what needs are not. We will also discuss the reasons behind this reality.

Policy itself can be a scarce resource with many competing for policy that addresses their specific needs. Whether policy is created is often determined by the power possessed by those who support the policy.

For this discussion, focus on the question of who has the power when it comes to policy, and how and why that influences what policy is created or not created.

Examine what constitutes the power for those who seem to get their needs addressed and expand on why some consistently have their needs addressed and others do not. After a careful review of the textbook readings for this module, in your initial post:

Identify a societal need that seems to regularly be addressed by policy and identify the power base (e.g., a political or demographic group) that ensures this.
Identify a societal need that seems to consistently go unaddressed and explain the lack of a power base that you believe allows this to happen.
In responding to your classmates’ posts, suggest solutions so that those whose needs are not currently addressed may be addressed in the future. Provide citations from the textbook readings as well as your classmates’ posts in your responses.


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