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Comment on a discussion post

Please read and comment (minimum of 100 words, please keep it simple). Comments can agree or disagree with the original post. Offer facts, rationale, and/or other sources of information to back your POV on comments.

Comment on this post:

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Comment on a discussion post
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I choose an article written by Kathy Caprino of Forbes.com, the article is titled Gender Bias At Work. The article is centered on Senator Kamala Harris, a Democrat of California. Harris was rudely interrupted by her male colleagues and as the article states, called “hysterical” by them, for being assertive and forceful. Kathy Caprino trains hundreds of professional women every year and as she stated in her article this type of behavior is not an isolated experience.

My opinion on this issue is pretty straight forward I agree that this behavior is unreasonable and unacceptable. It is not fair to women that when a man is assertive and forceful they are taken serious, but when a women is she is ignored and ridiculed over it. From personal experience many women are head of some of the biggest most successful companies in the world. I work for Frito Lay, which is owned by Pepsico, in which the CEO of our company is a women. This is an example of both conscious and unconscious bias against commanding women. This is unconscious because women are being isolated and essentially put into a different group then men. This is also conscious bias by essentially stereotyping women, when in fact an opinion from another gender or ethnicity should be welcomed because it brings a different perspective. Women shouldn’t be treated as if they are acting up or misbehaving just of being assertive and forceful.

Example of what a comment may look like:

Student one: discussion post

This Harvard Business Review (link) article talks about both African American and Asian applicants “whitening” their resume. Whitening can mean using a more “white” name and eliminating schools, civic activities, even addresses that reveal or imply race. Here is a graph that summarizes research findings: (a graph was displayed below)

It’s hard for me to think this is anything but conscious bias. My sister had a hard time getting a job as a dental hygienist after she earned her associates degree despite the fact that she had worked part-time as dental assistant for 2 years during school. After a while, she used her middle name, which is not a traditional Asian name, and she did get more interviews and had a job offer within a month. Her theory is that once people met her, they dropped biased concerns when they learned more about her skills.

Student two made a comment on the top post: add-on posts that continue the discussion with additional information, personal experience, counter points, etc.

Comment: I have an example of “reverse” discrimination because of names. My uncle runs a small chain of restaurants. He prefers to hire people with the same ethnic background. I asked him about it, and he said he feels more comfortable with people with similar backgrounds and that he finds them more reliable than people who are African American or White. That is most certainly intention discrimination. My uncle is very old school and I can’t think of a thing that would change his mind.

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