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On-line Discussion quest short anwser.

From the first and second e-Activities, Consider the following scenario: Your employer, a small-business owner, has indicated she believes that rather than planning to recover from a disaster, it makes more sense to simply open a new business and start anew. As a security professional and proponent of disaster recovery, formulate a list of your top five concerns with this statement and explain each. Be sure to indicate how and why you believe these concerns are relevant for a small business. Justify your response.
Suppose you received pushback from your Board of Directors while trying to explain the necessity of a disaster recovery plan (e.g., due to costs, administrative overheard, etc.). Outline the main points and with a rationale for each that can be used to persuade the Board of Directors into believing that a plan really is necessary.


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On-line Discussion quest short anwser.
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Select two disaster scenarios (e.g., large-scale power outage, flood, earthquake, etc.) to compare and contrast, and explain how an implemented DR plan would differentiate when preparing for and dealing with these disasters.
Explain how the report structure and organization could help the overall recovery efforts in a disaster, and determine whether or not you believe the organization of large plans is a key consideration for plan creators and management. Provide a rationale for your answer.

Read the SearchSMBStorage.com article titled “Choosing a disaster recovery service provider for SMBs,” located here.
Listen to the SearchStorage UK, FAQ podcast titled “Disaster recovery planning services for small and medium size enterprises,” (11 min 27 s). Podcast Source: Computer Weekly. (2010, February). “Disaster recovery planning services for small and medium size enterprises,” [Audio file]. Podcast retrieved from http://www.computerweekly.com/feature/Disaster-recovery-planning-services-for-small-and-medium-size-enterprises. This podcast can be downloaded here.


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