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Who is the “We” and “Them” and what differentiates the two?

efer to the video of a TED talk given by Hans Rosling at the U.S State Department (Located in Module 1) and answer the following questions

What is the old mindset? Who is the “We” and “Them” and what differentiates the two?
Did his video change your mindset on viewing the world in terms of “We” and “Them”? Does that concept still apply now or has it changed? How and why?
This video is a few years old now, is this view still accurate, or have we as a society moved passed this?

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Who is the “We” and “Them” and what differentiates the two?
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Your response should be 400-750 words, in APA format, 12pt font, 1″ margins, references page, etc. (abstract not required). Make sure to use a .doc, docx, or rtf file format and attach the file when submitting.

Please see the class schedule located in the course syllabus for specific dates.

This assignment has a minimum of five (5) required sources. While the video can count as one source, this means you need to find additional sources to add detail and support to your answers. Look for real world examples in the news, peer reviewed journals, etc.
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