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Service Management Improvement Plan

Evaluate service provider and customer experiences for a selected business.

Research the type(s) of service, type(s) of customers, use of technology, organizational structure, and delivery processes for the business.

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Service Management Improvement Plan
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Review Rubric

Select one area of opportunity and develop a 700- to 1,050-word service management improvement plan that includes the following:

A description of the company and what your research indicated for various areas of opportunity. Describe at least 2 areas of opportunities.
Address one opportunity. Why did you chose that one over the other areas that could have been improved upon?
An analysis of potential solutions to address service management needs. Be sure you analyze the situation with process improvement techniques and do not jump to a conclusion.
A comparison of the business with other businesses in the same sector that outlines competitive advantages in the area of opportunity as a result of implementing this solution.
Use process improvement techniques that are relevant to the industry of concern and the area/service that you are trying to improve.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Use at least 2 academic references.

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