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Maritime Law Writing Assignment

In this assessment, you will be asked to answer the following questions (2 points each) using what you have learned in this unit:

Why do you think congress, in drafting laws which eventually became the authorities of Customs Officers patrolling the waters of the United States, gave those Customs Officers so much power?
What additional powers or authorities would you add to the Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Act? Justify your answer.
You are a Customs and Border Protection Inspector at a coastal city. You are providing a brief class to private boat owners on procedures and inspections. One of the private boat owners asks what he should look for when he is out on the ocean which may help the Department of Homeland Security. Describe your response to his question.
What role do you feel the United States Navy should have, if any, in border security on the nation’s ocean borders? Support your answer.
The United States Coast Guard appears to be the primary agency responsible for port security under the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002. What additional agencies under the Department of Homeland Security should have a role in port security, and why?
Your answer should be several brief paragraphs for each question.

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Maritime Law Writing Assignment
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