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Public assistance paper

My Topic is PUBLIC ASSASTANCE Students are required to submit the following parts of their paper by the above deadline: February 9 Historical Background(Maximum of 3 pages) and Description of the Problem that Necessitates the Policy (Maximum of 3 pages). Comments will be given and should be reflected in the final submission of this paper. Policy analysis papers should include four sections: historical background, description of the problem necessitating the policy, description of the policy and policy analysis. See chapter two resources for details.

Historical Background

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Public assistance paper
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What historical problems led to the creation of the policy?

How important have these problems been historically?

How was the problem handled previously?

What is the historical background of the policy?

When did the policy originate?

How has the original policy changed over time?

What is the legislative history of the policy—how have this issue or similar issues been discussed and debated in legislative bodies?

What has been the fate of similar policies adopted in the past?

Does the National Association of Social Workers or another national organization have a policy statement on this issue? Include a critical review of the position in your discussion.

Description of the Problem that Necessitates the Policy

What is the nature of the problem?

How widespread is the problem?

How many people are affected?

Who is affected and how? (Include analysis of differential effects based on race, socioeconomic class, gender, religious, or regional differences.)

What are the causes of the problem?

How will the policy help address the problem?

Description of the Policy

Based on your study of the problem (or need), your critique of past societal policy/program response, and your own criteria for choice, describe clearly and defend your own proposal for a policy response to the issue. Include an explanation of how your proposal is different from or better than past or current policy responses. This should not be simply your hotly argued “opinion.” Refer to research and political arguments that demonstrate that your proposal would better meet certain social goals and values, and/or be more “palatable” to the American public.

How is the policy intended to work?

On what scientific theory and knowledge is the policy based?

What resources or opportunities is the policy expected to provide—e.g., power, cash, economic opportunity, in-kind services, status redistribution, goods and services, etc.?

Who will be covered by the policy and how-i.e., universal versus selective entitlement, means-testing, etc.?

How will the policy be implemented, including means for coordination?

What are the expected short- and long-term goals and outcomes of the policy?

Under what auspices will the policy be administered—i.e., public/private-not-for-profit/private-for-profit, local/state/federal government?

How will the policy be funded in the short- and long-term?

What agencies or organizations will be responsible for overseeing, evaluating and coordinating the policy?

What formal and informal criteria will be used to determine the effectiveness of the policy and its appropriateness?

How long is the policy projected to exist—is it a “sunset law”?

What recommendation for a new or amended position would you propose for consideration by national organizations?

Policy Analysis

This section should go beyond description and engage in systematic, critical analysis considering both values and ethical preferences and practical/technical concerns.

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