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Questions from Louv, Parts III, IV, and V

Louv says that 80 percent of Americans live in metropolitan areas, and many of these are severely lacking in park space.What example does he give regarding that? Can you think of any areas in San Diego that are lacking in park space?
Louv talks about fear, such as when “nature becomes the bogeyman”.Along this same line of thought, what does he say about “ecophobia” and how, with all good intentions, teachers may be turning students off to having a direct experience in nature? Define ecophobia, give examples of how it is developed by elementary school teachers (from the book).
What does Louv blame attendance drops in National Parks on? (He has a few reasons)
What does Louv say about where time is spent in a natural environment to be quality time in a natural area – for instance, does it matter whether it’s in a back yard, or in a national park?
For kids that don’t have ready access to a natural environment, what are some of the ways that Louv describes that schools or other programs can create these opportunities for access?
Give page numbers which reference your response. Be sure to use quotations for material directly from the book.Responses should be approx. 2 – 3 pages (1.5 space, max. 12pt. font)

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Questions from Louv, Parts III, IV, and V
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