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Architecture school culture and environment bibliography

Can you do research and do bibliography about Architecture school culture and environment?

It can be about history, or studio culture, relationships between teacher and students or among students, curriculum history, studio desks, history etc.

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Architecture school culture and environment bibliography
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I am looking for 13 resources annotated bibliography asap.

How it has been changed thru history and curriculum wise, and culture wise and how it will be changed in the future

Annotated Bibliography
13 resources 120-125 words each
about history, culture, curriculum, space use of architecture school.

Basically, I am redesigning architecture school building and trying to see what culture/history it has. And also now we have limited space but more people are coming so we have hot desks. I want to see what is good/bad aspects of hot desks and try to see what is the alternative solution for the current architecture school studio.

what curriculum will affect this studio and what kind of learning experience is needed. And I need technical research about them as well.

If you can find more technical research please add them. I will really appreciate you.

it can point out how working with mobility has been changed working environment like co-working space/ cafe etc. like working nomad. if you can find surveys or something with numbers will be really helpful.

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