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Overview, Outline, and Audience Identification

I am needing a 2-3 page presentation narrative that will contain an overview, outline, and audience identification.The topic that I have chosen is “Reforming the Child Support Laws to Establish True Paternity.” I will provide and outline but it will need to be drastically improved upon. I want the focus to be placed on the following:

– Children born during the divorce process and being the legal responsibility of the ex-husband when he is not biologically the father

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Overview, Outline, and Audience Identification
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– Young men not getting the full understanding of the Acknowledgement of Paternity forms before signing.

– Men stuck paying child support after finding out a child is not biologically theirs.

Ways to improve the law:

– Allow financial obligation to end immediately after paternity testing proves a man is not the father of a child.

– One-on-one in-hospital consultations before signing an AOP that explains what the form means.

– Mandatory paternity testing for those unwed couples and during divorce proceeding where a child is born during the separation process.

Before starting this assignment please look over the rubric to ensure that you have an understanding of what is required. Please use proper grammar and only original work. I have attached some source that I have found as well as my rough outline and the rubric.




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