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Nike Case Study on Ethical Practices

Note: Please check the syllabus for all assignment due dates.

Week 3 Case Study (of a company)

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Nike Case Study on Ethical Practices
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Introduction: Ethics in business is critical for trust, however, there are many grey areas of what is, and is not, ethical. The business world has always relied heavily on contractual agreements while conducting business. These contracts while written in ink are set in stone. Many multinationals have been charged with unethical behaviors.

Choose an International or multinational company (example: NIKE, Nestles, Wal-Mart, BP, Siemens, etc.) that was accused of unethical practices and write 4 – 5 pages of TEXT on what led up to the accusation and recommendations to the company. You may go over a few lines but not under. Plus the cover page or references. Grade 10%

Policy: Use peer-reviewed articles from 2009 – present to support your research, in APA format.

No Wikipedia, BLOGS with ads from yahoo.com or google.com, UKEssay.com; www.buzzle.com; study.com or site that challenge as they present a biased opinion.

Please submit your assignment to SafeAsign to check originaliity.

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