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What key roles do animals play in legends and mythology?

Discuss one creation story where an animal plays an important role. Make sure to tell where it originated.
How are animals personified in myths and legends? What is one example of the symbolic nature of animals as portrayed in myths and legends?
What are the three ways shapeshifters transform?
How is a cryptid a modern day animal legend?
Animals are woven into all of humankind’s myths and legends? Why?
In myths and legends a monster must be defeated if a person is to continue on their journey or keep their life. How does this symbolize the obstacles people face in real life? Have you ever had an obstacle between you and your dreams?
The werewolf myth can be found in various forms in almost every culture even those that had no contact with one another. Why do you think this shapeshifting myth is so common?
Many myths and legends involve animals. How do these myths help us infer which animals were important to those societies? What animals would you expect to find in local myths and legends?
Almost every culture has a cryptid. Why do you think the idea of an animal existing that is outside the realm of known science is so intriguing?

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What key roles do animals play in legends and mythology?
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