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Environmental management and reducing pollution

Please read everything carefully to not miss anything. It seems very long and complicated, however it’s not.

The Assignment: This assignment will require students to apply the first three steps of 5S to some element of their life. Review the video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWH8WSNZQ00&feature=youtu.be to have better understanding.

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Environmental management and reducing pollution
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Select an environment in your life that can provide benefits if de-cluttered, better organized and cleaned. This can be at your workplace or in the home. For example, a desk, a junk drawer, your car, a room, the garage, closets, a piled-up shelf, etc. These are all places that can build up clutter, dirt and grime, and often store unnecessary items. They are also high risk for disorganization.

Document the first three steps of 5S including a brief 1 paragraph write up of each of the three steps and one before and one after photograph. The written three paragraph description should include what you did in steps 1, 2 and 3. Start by identifying an environment to perform a 5S on that would benefit by decluttering, organizing, cleaning, putting things into order and why you selected that area. Select an environment where you would like the area to be more organized so the project has value for you. Take a “before” picture of the environment as it exists before starting your 5S mini-project.

1. Sort: Describe why you selected this area. The first step in 5S is always to remove unneeded items. Dispose of them by donating, selling, garbage, gifting, etc. Describe what you removed, why you removed it from the environment, and how you disposed of the items (trash, donation, sale, etc) in a brief paragraph. Items that remain should “belong” in this environment.

2. Systematize/Straighten: The second step is to create a structure and systematize the items you kept in the environment. Describe the “system” you will use to locate and store the needed items. Where, why and how should items be systematically located and stored? The system you create should be safe and efficient. Visual cues are best such as labels, containers, dedicated spaces. For example, you should not reach into a cluttered kitchen drawer and accidently grab a razor blade. Where do dangerous items belong and how would you label them or make them stand out visually? Are items that are used often easy to spot, use, put away even for someone who has never seen the environment? Describe the new system.

3. Shine/Sweep: Clean the area using whatever means appropriate. Wash a cabinet, paint a wall, mop a floor, dust shelves, scrub, whatever. Describe also how you can keep the area clean at all times in the future so it does not return to a dirty and disorganized state. Take an “after” picture now from the exact same location as the “before picture.

I have attached an example paper with this. Please review the paper before you begin. It is very helpful.

here is the sample paper.


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