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The growth of technology in the manufacturing industry

JBCBPA has long been involved in educating our students on the Triple Bottom Line– people, planet & profit. This exercise deals with the planet part of this concept, specifically in terms of e-waste. The growth of technology is the largest and fastest in the manufacturing industry. Rapid technology product development and built-in obsolescence is becoming an environmental hazard. Consumer electronics such as cellular phones, computers and the like contain a variety of heavy metals, carcinogenic properties and toxic elements that jeopardize planetary resources as well as human health. This segment of IST 101 class requires students to think about leadership responsibility in the following areas: The hazards of e-waste; managing proper disposal, reconstruction, and recycling of e-waste; extended life cycle of technology products.

Read the attached article and answer the following questions:

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The growth of technology in the manufacturing industry
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• Attachment: E-Waste–A Global Hazard

• What new terms were introduced?

2-What e-waste problems were presented?

3-What did you learn?

4- What can you do to help solve the e-waste problems?

I attached the article



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