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Global Perspectives–Election of US supreme court judges

The class that this is for is: Global Perspectives

it needs to be a 5 paragraph argumentative essay (introduction, point 1, point 2, point 3 and the conclusion). 800-1300 word

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Global Perspectives–Election of US supreme court judges
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The essay has to mention Ruth Bader Ginsburg (the supreme court judge that died) at least in the introduction, it has to mention her ideologies and the how different they are from trumps.

The essay question is “Should Donald Trump elect the next supreme court justice?” I am against Donald Trump electing the next Supreme Court justice.

The 3 main points have to always go back to the thesis (which would be that, Donald Trump should not be allowed to elect the next Supreme Court justice)

One of the 3 main points against Donald Trump electing the next Supreme Court justice can be that, Obama wasn’t allowed to do it as it was his last year as president, so it should be the same with trump

I would like the essay to have some quotes, facts and to sound formal. I am a senior in high school, I want a quality piece but it doesn’t have to be university level.






https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brett_Kavanaugh_Supr… (some source I was given, I don’t know how well they will help)

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