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Newspaper article or radio show transcript

For the last couple of weeks including this week 5, we have studied U.S. imperialism during the late 1800s and early 1900s as well economic and social changes during the 1920s and 1930s. This includes issues and events from several wars and territorial acquisitions, the Roaring Twenties, Progressivism, the Great Depression, and the New Deal.


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Newspaper article or radio show transcript
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Create a newspaper article or radio show transcript about a major event or issue occurring during the time periods covered by weeks 4 or 5. You will write the newspaper article or radio transcript as if you were a reporter FROM THE PERIOD. So you will use present tense and discuss the event as if it JUST HAPPENED and you are reporting on it (so you will not know major outcomes etc. – limit to what a newspaper or radio show would discuss immediately after an event). Be Creative and have fun with this assignment.

Topics can include issues/events from: (make sure it involved the United States!!) Progressive Era: efforts to reform labor, women’s suffrage and equality, racial equality issues etc.

Becoming a world power: Spanish American War, Panama Canal, World War I,
Roaring Twenties: Social changes (particularly with women), the economy, Jazz, Harlem Renaissance, etc.
Great Depression/New Deal: stock market crash, President Franklin Roosevelt, run on banks, Acts and organizations created to help Depression, social issues, etc.
** Focus on a smaller issue/event that fits under these broad ones (for example the Sinking of the U.S.S. Maine was part of the Spanish American War)


YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not copy actual articles from the time period. Do NOT copy information about your event written on websites or in textbooks. Use the information/sources you find to write YOUR OWN headline or radio show transcript. List your sources in APA format at the end of your article/transcript.
Sources: You must use 3 sources IN ADDITION to the textbook – so four sources are required in total. (counting the textbook). These are content sources to help you learn about your issue and event and should be listed on a references page in APA format after your article/transcript. You should NOT copy anything from these sources as they won’t be written to meet the requirements of this paper, only to provide information about your chosen topic.
Your article or radio show must be AT LEAST 500 words. Please do not go over 1000 words.
Newspaper Article Info and Tips

You may be creative in your approach. Therefore you may use Word or Powerpoint to complete this assignment. You may use images (cite them if you take them from somewhere rather than create them). You may format it to look like an actual newspaper with a title, date, headlines etc. However you format it, you MUST INCLUDE:

Name of Newspaper (you make it up – be creative)
Date of your article
Headline of your article
Text of your article
Required Sources
Radio Show Info and Tips:

A radio show can be a transcript of a news report you might be giving to viewers or it can be an interview with someone about your topic. You may be creative in your approach. Therefore you may use Word or Powerpoint to complete this assignment. You may also choose to do a recording as long as I can access it somewhere online (not downloaded via email). You may upload an audio to Youtube (ie film a piece of paper and do the audio) and send me the link. If you choose to do an “interview” – you can have someone read your response sections if you want to do an audio recording). Even with an audio recording, I will need a list of your required sources.

Make sure no matter what format you use that you still include:

Name of Radio Station (be creative)
Name of your Radio Show (be creative)
Who you are interviewing if you do an interview
Transcript of your show
Required Sources
heres a example of someones article who used powerpoint


use this template make it look like io example and nice

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