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multicultural psychology midterm

Essay responses must have introduction statements, a response to the exam question, supporting details, and a conclusion statement. Essay responses involve a paragraph or two
Start with your course materials, including your primary textbook
Include at least one outside source citation, outside of or in addition to your textbook, for each question
ONLY professional, Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles should be used as a source material
Each question needs to be formatted APA style and I need two paragraphs on each. The questions are as follows:

1 Discuss how fundamental attribution error can contribute to stereo typing and prejudice behavior

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multicultural psychology midterm
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2 Provide evidence that supports the existence of different races. Provide evidence that supports the notion that race is a socially constructed concept.

3 From a psychological perspective what defines a culture?

4 Choose a behavior and discuss how it would be researched from both the etic approach and the emic approach.

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