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Case Study: Business Communication | Homework Help Online

Read the attached case study and complete each task as required. Assignment should be submitted in .docx format.

Task 1:

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Case Study: Business Communication | Homework Help Online
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Evaluate credibility. Assume that you’re evaluating Tia’s credibility at the beginning of her internship from the vantage points of the marketing team members at the Prestigio. Explain two ways in which she potentially possesses and one way in which she potentially lacks each of the following elements of credibility: competence, caring, and character.

Task 2:

Establishing credibility. Assume that you are giving advice to Tia about how she can establish credibility. Provide your ideas in the following contexts: (a) gaining credibility among her colleagues while at her internship and b) establishing credibility with clients while at her internship.

Task 3:

Review Tia’s resume and suggest improvements based on the information provided in the case and instances where you consider the information provided is incomplete.

Copy Tia’s resume into a new Word document and leverage track changes to highlight required modifications.

Assignment should be submitted in .doc or .docx format. To review the grading criteria, click on the assignment title and then “View Rubric” on the next page.

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