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Viewing Art Differently

Try to pick some set of relevant questions from below and write a short essay with a thesis and supporting arguments (do not respond in a question/answer format).

Prompt: How does Berger define perspective in the age of classical paintings and how does he believe it shifted after the invention of camera? What are the similarities and differences between classical art pieces that are displayed in museums and moving pictures (films), especially when it comes to perspective, creative style and moral value? What does Berger mean when he says there is a mystification of classical paintings? Do you see a possibility for mystification of films (having their histories rewritten to glorify the rich and famous who took part in them, assigning more value to the original film than their mass produced reproductions, etc.)? Do you think it is possible to distinguish between an original piece and a reproduction of recent artworks (paintings, media-based art, films, etc.) in the age of internet and social media? In your opinion, how does the new forms of media affect our perspective and ways of seeing? How are women and men depicted differently in classical art according to Berger? What is his reasoning for claiming that the treatment of women in art hasn’t changed much for the last few centuries? Are there any art pieces that you found striking in Berger’s piece, especially in Chapter 3? If yes, what are some of the reasons for your interest on those specific pieces? What does Berger say about your pieces of choice?

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Viewing Art Differently
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