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Child development Observations

Observations: Please choose one age group to observe

a) of a infant/toddler in any setting

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Child development Observations
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b) of a preschool child in any setting

c) of a school-age child in any setting

d) of an adolescent in an informal or formal setting

Papers will include the data recorded during the observation with the following areas in mind: Biosocial development, Cognitive development, Psycho-social development, and the environment which the child/adolescent is in. This assignment requires you to observe all four developmental domains and the ages & stages of development. Post assignment in the assignment page!

Paper format must include the following:

Intro (when, when, who the subject is etc.)
Cognitive development (during your observation did you learn about the child’s Cognitive ability provide example)
Language development (communication skills)
Physical development (gross motor & fine motor skills)
Social & emotional development (relationships, attachments)
Summary (what did you learn from this experience)

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