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Business Statistic For contemporary Decision Making

Answer the 8 questions below, each question minimum of 100 words. Must be in APA format, please identify the questions on paper. Cannot accept more than 5% plagiarism, it will be submitted to TurnItIn

References: Ken ,Black. (2016). Business Statistic For contemporary Decision Making 9th Edition

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Business Statistic For contemporary Decision Making
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Feel free to use more than one reference.

Cannot accept more than 5% of plagiarism

This professor is super annoying and strict, so please be aware of that.

Very very important, make sure you don’t fully reference answers, they must also have examples.

Ch 12 – Simple Regression Analysis and Correlation

1. Provide an example of a correlation analysis from your life (personal or professional) to demonstrate understanding of this quantitative measure.

2. Explain Regression Analysis and give examples

3. Explain the deterministic model and give examples

Ch. 13: Multiple Regression Analysis

4. Multiple regressions possess many assumptions. Describe and detail one key assumption.

5. Explain Least Squares Analysis and give examples

Ch. 18: Statistical Quality Control

6. In your opinion and based on your week 6 reading, what is the role of using research data and statistics for making business decisions in business research?

7. Explain Design for Six Sigma and give examples

8. Explain Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and give examples

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