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Arguments Over God’s Existence reply this post

Throughout my life, I have never really been a religious person though I grew up in a very Christan household. When I was younger, I would always dress up and go to church on Sunday, go to bible school and camp, attend after church gatherings and different kind of religious ceremonies. During this time, especially becuase I was younger, I did not see the point in God as it was so boring and complicated. Having this view as a child has carried on to adulthood where I now see myself as an atheist. Although, now my disbelieve is not due to God being boring and complicated, but rather my own opposing beliefs.

During these reading though, I have changed my views regarding religious matters. Before these reading, according to William Rowe, I was an indifferent atheist. I held “… no belief concerning whether any theist is or isn’t rationally justified in believing that the theist god exists” (Rowe 96R). I think I would define myself like this becuase I didn’t care enough to have an opinion. After reading through, I think I’ve become more of a friendly atheist, one who believes “… that some theists are rationally justifying in believing being in the theist god” (Rowe 96R).

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Arguments Over God’s Existence reply this post
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Clearly, I wasn’t persuaded to believe in god, but I think I have become more accepting and including of people who do. I like Rowe’s reasoning of how an atheist can still rationally justify a theist’s belief. His example really opened my eyes, that yes, one might believe something, while someone else can believe something else, both these assumptions can be justified. Before I was pretty closed minded about religion and God, but these reading really helped me understand that everyone in a way can be right. I don’t have to argue or despise theists, but be friendly, and accept that people have different beliefs.

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