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Web design discussion board

1-)CyberSecurity Challenges (100words)

In this video the presenter discusses topics on private information, public behavior, communicative content, system architecture security, the use and the misuse of the Internet, cybersecurity challenges, control of data, metadata and so on. The video was very interesting and informative. It was an eye opener because the presenter points out how the Internet has changed the access to Information. The concepts learned from this video are privacy, public behavior, communicative content and the Internet (Imperial College London, 2012, Oct 23).

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Web design discussion board
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The presenter refers to privacy as the individual being able to control access to his or her information. He also indicates that once the individual’s device is connected to the Internet there is a possibility that the individual’s information is open and can be exposed to security incidents. Therefore it is important for the user to take important steps to protect public access to his or her private information (Imperial College London, 2012, Oct 23).

Public Behavior

The presenter pointed how the Internet has changed people’s behavior in remembering people’s information. He explained this concept by comparing people’s behavior of seeing things during the time of no Internet to the modern age with access to Internet. In the time when people had limited capabilities to access the Internet people would see something and may discuss it with someone and then forget about it. But in the modern age it is difficult to forget an incident because of the availability of devices that allow photographing, recording and uploading something of their interest for the public to view (Imperial College London, 2012, Oct 23).

Communicative Content

According to the presenter communicative content is the use of Internet by systems and organizations to conduct daily operations. He further explained this concept by saying that the use of the Internet is not just limited to seeing and writing information but also to run critical operations. Critical operations include but are not limited to control systems, electric grids, transportation, communications, and energy (Imperial College London, 2012, Oct 23).

The Internet

He refers to the Internet as a connection of devices that store and transfer information across multiple networks. In addition, it was created in the intention the users were trusted and were familiar with each other. Therefore security was not taken into consideration because the focus was on efficiency, clarity, speed and no errors. However the Internet was misused by many users to conduct attacks to destroy reputation, for personal profit, cause harm to critical infrastructure and/ or take revenge (Imperial College London, 2012, Oct 23).


In this video, the presenter pointed many issues of cybersecurity without using technical terminology. The comparison between the different periods of times helped to understand the importance of cybersecurity as well as the use and misuse of the Internet. The video was also useful in understanding how technological advancements have made it difficult for individuals to keep their information private.

2-) (100words)

In the shared video for the assignment, guest speaker Chertoff had discussed many things related to cybersecurity like privacy of data, copyrights, cyber war, secure architecture of a system, data analytics to track activities inside the organization and so on. Here, I will be discussing about cybersecurity, copyright and cyber war.

Cyber Security:

Cybersecurity provides a security to software, hardware and data of IT infrastructure from cyberattacks. It is expected to have 100% cyber security to the IT infrastructure from inside and outside attacks. But, continuous developments in the cyberattacks, it is challenging to keep safe all the time. So, the biggest challenges to IT team are to develop cyber security technologies in much advance compare to cyberattacks developments so that team can provide much better security to the IT infrastructure. (Chertoff, 2012).


In the old time, keeping privacy of data was quite easy. At that time, information assets used to be in a physical format which either be placed in office or home premises. But, nowadays most of the data is available in the digital format shared easily on cloud servers or private IT infrastructure. Attackers can hack digital data without breaking physical boundaries of premises using internets. Example, photographers who take photo has rights to protect from the others without his permission. But, due to a digital format of the images, it is easily copied by anyone and shared over another flatforms. There, copyrights help to protect private data to be accessed from the unauthorized access. (Chertoff, 2012).

Cyber War:

Before 20 years, nation needs to protect from physical threats which used to be achieved by having physical security personnel. But, from the last few decades, one country can attack another country through the internet by distrusting vital computer systems through the internet. So, it is much needed to have strong cyber security in place along with strong cyber laws. Just imagine if attackers attack the banking systems, traffic signaling system, stock exchange etc., such attacks will disrupt the any country’s IT infrastructure from outside the country. (Chertoff, 2012).

In this way, the speaker raised many questions to protect IT infrastructures from different threats.

3-)Securing the Architecture:(100words)

Security of architecture incorporates, building portrayal and the situation of security usefulness including security controls. Security of architecture can take on numerous structures relying upon the specific circumstance, to incorporate venture or framework architecture. For the motivations behind this, the term design refers to an individual data framework, which could conceivably be a piece of a bigger enterprise framework with its very own architecture which is a significant guideline for a legal and ethical approach (Chertoff, 2012).

Theft of Intellectual Property that Integrates with the Global Trading System:

Intellectual property and trade secret theft build each year. However what actions are organizations taking to ensure their IP and do they know where it is going? Numerous organizations think they have refined measures set up for securing their licensed innovation through information get to. These might be as passwords, biometrics, document encryption, non-exposure understandings, firewalls, against toxicity, interruption aversion, and worker preparing. Most of the organizations have no clue where their protected originality is accurately going (Chertoff, 2012).

Rise of Activism Ideologically Motivated Activists:

It is a source of new attacks on all kinds of enterprises can be the governments or private enterprises. It is also observed as a negative or hostile to any framework such as WikiLeaks PayPal which was not ready to process any transaction and therefore it with other banks were attacked. This is an attempt to use as theft of confidential and private documents and the interference of the systems and attempt cyberspace to use to punish who disagrees with (Chertoff, 2012).

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