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Margaret Sanger’s Family Planning techniques

After reading Primary Source Quiz document #5, students will write a 750 word informal response. The response does not need to be in essay format, but needs to have two section. In the first section, students will establish context. When did this happen (give a time frame: for example, in the late 1890s), and list or explain the series of events or a shift in cultural, social, economic, or political attitudes that shaped this event. This section should be at least five sentences long and will count for about 10% of the assignment. Next students will engage with the question posted below (Ignore any questions at the bottom of the document). In this section, students will be graded on their ability to think critically as oppose to simply telling me what the document says. I’m looking for you to analyze the document to help understand what Americans were thinking about these issues in that historical moment (not how we think about them now). This section should be about 700 words long and will count for about 90% of the overall grade.

After reading Margaret Sanger’s Family Planning document, answer the following questions. First, who was Margaret Sanger? Next, in the document, what type of advice was Sanger offering to Americans in the 1920s? Do you think she was targeting men or women or both? Talk about this advice and explain how it might have been cutting edge at the time. Finally, do you think this advice empowered women or men? Use the document to back up your ideas.

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Margaret Sanger’s Family Planning techniques
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