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Organizational behavior and culture

Reminder: the objective with the final is todesign apresentation of (please consider this number :10-15 slidesand not 15-20 slides as previously announced) with inserted voice capture for each slide.Note, that power point allows you to insert voice recording easily, just click on the “insert” tab and select sound on the right side of the menu.
(It is visible that expert shouldn’t record voice on slides, just make 15 slide(excluding bibliography and cover page) and write some explanations in a word file for EACH SLIDES that helps me for presentation. The word file shouldn’t be more than 500 word)
For your presentation, please selectone of the two options below:
OPTION 1: To identify an OB related issue that needs improvement inan organization of your choice(organization that you work for/had work for or an organization that you have enough information about )
1-Identify the main issue(s)of the organizationusing the OB concepts and models learned in this course or in other related courses (30 points)
2- Specify andevaluatepros and cons two or three possible courses of actionsto resolve the issue(s)using the same or other OB models that you used in 1). (30 points)
3-Recommend what you think should be the best course of actionbased on your analysis of question 1, and suggestion in question 2; add other complementary points that you deem necessary to justify your choice e.g. I believe this is the best option as the organization I described in this pare is small etc.(40 points).
OPTION 2: Propose to expand and/or suggest changes/refinements of an OB topic by identifying how either OB theories or OB models (select ONE OB theory or model) can be improved based onresearch done by scholars or practitioners, and/or based on your ownresearch and experience. Imagine that you want to present your insights and discoveries to a conference and follow the below points:
1 – Introduction of the OB theory/ model/ concept/ lessons learned
2- Explanation of how this theory/ model/ concept/lesson is being used currently or why is it important in practice using one or two examples of firms.
3- Explanation of how this theory/ model/ concept/ lessons learned can be improved based on existing research and/or your own evidence from your experience.
Upload the presentation on .ppt or .pptx
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Organizational behavior and culture
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