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Application of the Lewin’s Force Field Analysis Model

One of the largest coffee companies in the world is facing troubles. Stock prices have just tumbled to a new 52-week low. Competitors are rapidly gaining market share in this high-margin industry. Executives have been re-shuffled and promises have been made to introduce new products to the menu. To cut costs, stores are being closed and employees are being laid off. Loyal customers are complaining about their in-store experiences, citing long line-ups, lengthy waiting times, inexperienced staff, and a loss of the coffee-house ambience the company has been known for. The retired founder of the company has just come back to act as the new CEO. He announces today that the company will initiate organizational changes to revive the company.

Apply Lewin’s Force Field Analysis Model to discuss step by step what the founder CEO should do to successfully manage the organizational changes.

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Application of the Lewin’s Force Field Analysis Model
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