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Internship integrated analysis

9.6 Integrated Analysis Guidelines. Times Roman, 12 Font, Single-Spaced

This is the final report you submit according to the date in the syllabus.
Title page (No running head!) See Sample Report Formats.
Text of report (in five major sections as defined below)
Appendices (properly labeled as “letters” and referenced in your report in order of discussion, except Appendix A and B as defined below):
1.Purpose. One or 2 paragraphs that introduce your organization and define your role in the learning experience.
2.Project Accomplishments or Learning Experience Discussion. Describe your plan and your role in what was accomplished. Typically 3-4 pages.
3.Concept Integration and Application(applying management theory to your project, learning activity and/or any experience in your internship). This is where you relate your internship into management theories, and the theories should directly relate to one of the above.
Management theories may be found in 350 texts and a number of texts are on reserve in the library.
A good source for initial exploration of possible theories is http://www.12manage.com . ( Pull down tab: Strategies, Methods, Models and Theories. ( You will have to register first and it is free for a 30 days and then you are charged. Make sure you cancel before the 30 days expires)
Another good internet source is www.mindtools.com
This section is typically 3-4 pages.
4.Personal Reflection is where you reflect and critically analyze your learning experience. This section is typically 1-2 pages.
Conclusion is where you discuss what you learned and draw some general conclusions. This section is typically 3-4 paragraphs.
http://www.licensetofreedom.org Where I did the internship

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Internship integrated analysis
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