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Uganda’s Revenue Agency Case

As announced in class, use the YouTube clip (Uganda’s Revenue Agency Case) posted on your BB then, consult relevant literature of Organizational Behavior and Uganda-as a case- to develop answers the follows:

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Uganda’s Revenue Agency Case
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Analyze and describe the sources of Inefficiencies of the URA? (Load 25%)
Analyze and explain how did the Commission General arrived at ‘what needs to be done’ to resolve inefficiencies? What is your opinion about that? (Load 25%)
Explain the impact of the method(s) suggested by the Commission General and adopted on the effectiveness of the URA? (Load 25%)
Form an argument to explain the potential impact of the change in the URA’s effectiveness on the society. (Load 25%)
General guidelines:

Please use Booth et al. (2000) to construct your arguments and deliver your points/answer. Your personal opinions are valuable when employed as part of a well-constructed argument. So, please use relevant frames of reference (from the literature) to form your answers.
Please cite and reference your work according to APA referencing style.
You can consult any other published information about the URA or Uganda to complement the You Tube clip.

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