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Active shooter Scenario

You are in a local Wal-Mart doing some shopping- after all, it is Black Friday! You need to get those deals while you can! You even decide to wait overnight, at the front door, so you can be the first in. The doors are opened and everyone floods in. You make a dash to the electronics section located at the rear of the store.

It looks like everyone else had the same idea because you have a mob hot on your heels. You arrive to Electronics and everyone is pushing towards the counter in mob-like fashion. It reminds you of your first heavy-metal concert, as a teen, where you stood front row (at the barricade) and everyone was pushing forward. You are first at the counter…and laugh as the store fills up with people wishing they had your place in line!

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Active shooter Scenario
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It takes about ten minutes to complete your transaction. You step out of line and see that the store is packed- and people are shoving and arguing with each other.

You then hear a series of three gun shots!

1. Pursuant to the ‘Shots Fired’ program (and mnemonic) on pages 74 – 75 in the class text, COMPOSE a response detailing your actions and options pursuant to the seven parts of the ‘Shots Fired’ program.

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