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Case Study Analysis – Change Leadership

In your weekly readings, Cameron (2006) writes “When nothing is stable…people tend to make up their own rules…they make sense of the ambiguity and chaos they experience by deciding for themselves what is real and what is appropriate” (p. 317).

He then argues that Ethics requires Virtuousness as a complimentary fixed point to guide Leaders in change situations.

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Case Study Analysis – Change Leadership
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What do you think? Argue for or against Cameron’s position on the need for Virtue as a guide for change leadership. In addition to the course readings, research at least one example from any field or profession that illustrates your position. (e.g. Enron, Lehman Brothers, military example, etc).

Your paper must follow these guidelines:

2-3 page paper, APA format with a minimum of two references.
The first page of your paper will be a cover sheet correctly formatted according to APA guidelines.
The second page will include an Abstract.
This essay will use 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point font, and double spacing.
Any citations MUST be correctly formatted according to APA guidelines (there should be at least two, documenting where you got the information for your report).
Do NOT use an automated citation manager to perform this function. Do it manually for this assignment and check your formatting against available GU approved APA resources
Excluding the cover page and references, this report must be at least 2 pages of written text. The entire paper must be your original work.
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