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Zappos Reflection review

Assignment: Create a one (1) page reflection paper based on the content of the article.

Questions to consider when drafting your paper (you do not have to use any of these):

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Zappos Reflection review
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Knowing Amazon’s culture/structure from the last case study, how do Zappos and Amazon’s cultures and structure differ? Is this a good fit from a merger/acquisition perspective?
How would you assess Tony as a leader? As a boss?
What do you think the employee’s of Zappos feel going through this change?
Would you want to work for Zappos pre-the change? Post the change? During the change?
Why would 14% of employees take Tony up on his offer to leave the company?
What are the potential benefits/drawbacks of Holacracy from a OB perspective?
What do you think the response would be to this change from the people managers who are no longer going to hold those roles in the new structure? Why?
What could or should Tony do next?
Do you think Holacracy will increase or decrease workplace politics and conflicts?
How could Zappos’ structure effect customer service?
When drafting your paper, pretend you are submitting your thoughts to a Senior Leader within your organization. As such, you want the information to be concise and to be written as professionally as possible. You do not have to write a traditional paper/essay; use of bullet points are fair game.

please the grammar is very important

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