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Relationship Between Cyber Security and Social Media

******Download and review the Library Sources Annotated Bibliography templatePreview the document that you will complete and turn in for this assignment.

This week, you will continue working on your annotated bibliography. If needed review the Week 3 Annotated Bibliography ExamplePreview the document handout:

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Relationship Between Cyber Security and Social Media
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Develop search terms based on your research question.
Find two scholarly journal articles and one e-book with the help of Ashford Library Chat.
Construct APA Style references for these sources.
Write annotations for these sources.
Copy and paste the chat summary to the end of the document.
Find Two Scholarly Journal Articles and One E-Book

Write Annotations for These Sources

Now, you will write annotations for the two scholarly articles and one e-book. Write the annotations in your own words on the Library Sources Annotated Bibliography template. The annotations must be two paragraphs long and must address the points below. Provide brief descriptions or explanations to support your answers:

Paragraph 1: Summarize

What kind of source is this?
What is the thesis or main claim of the source?
What evidence or claims does the source present in support of the thesis? Present at least two examples of support the source uses.
What other important claims does the source make?
Paragraph 2: Evaluate

How adequately does the source support its thesis?
How current is the information in the source relative to your research question?
How credible and authoritative is the source for your research question?
What limitations, if any, did you note in the source?
How does the source help answer your research question?
*****Copy and Paste the Summary of Your Tutoring Session to the End of the Document

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