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Agrarian Reform in Brazil

Here is a link for the source that should be used, and I upload other sources to be used too.

Here are the questions. I want to write just a short scentnces, not an essay.

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Agrarian Reform in Brazil
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For Gramsci, what it takes to counteract hegemonic power or point-of-view?

b. What were some of the impacts of the military regime on the distribution of land in Brazil?

c. How did Liberation Theology influence MST?

d. How did the mística (mystique) inform MST?

e. What are CEBs?

f. How the neoliberal policies of the 90’s negatively impacted the livelihood of small land owners?

g.What is the position of the MST and Via Campesina vis-à-vis the WTO (World Trade Organization)?

Based on the reading Agrarian Reform in Brazil

h. What is agrarian reform? Why is so challenging to implement it?

i. What abolitionism and agrarian reform have in common?

j. Why was the U.S worried with the land distribution issue in Brazil? What was the result of the U.S influence in this matter?

k. What are the most common types of conflicts over land ownership?

l. What is the MST? Research its mission on the web.

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