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Debateis – Our Education System Failing

This assignment is a bit different than our debate assignments. In this assignment you will be finding a local current example of something from chapter three. It can be a negative example of something like racism and you discuss how it needs to be changed, or it can be a positive example showing how things have changed. It is up to you what you present and how you identify it, positively or negatively. But either way you will be presenting how or why the issue you raised is a social problem or helps to solve a social problem.

There are more detailed instructions below. You will be able to see each others posts before posting so that you can make sure not to use the same source material unless you are taking the opposite view of what’s been presented already. I decided not to provide examples of these posts so as not to take away from local topics. Make sure you review the rubric.

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Debateis – Our Education System Failing
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Read_this_tnb.pngAfter reading chapter 8 on education, and reviewing the resource page, you will be looking for a current news story that reflects something from chapter 8 or the resource page or some other aspect of this topic that is important to you.

Your assignment.jpgFind a recent (no more than 3 years old) article or video news coverage of an issue that you believe falls into one of the topic areas presented in the chapter or the resource page. The item should be local to your area, or at least as close to your area as possible. If you live in a rural area you can use the nearest metropolitan area. For example, if you live in Lakeland you could find something from anywhere in Lakeland, the Tampa metro area, or Orlando. Once you find an article or video you are wanting to present, you will post the following:

1) Present the article or video title with a link for others to be able to access it.

2) Provide a brief summary of the item. Outlining what topic you feel the item represents and whether that topic is a social problem using the guidelines we covered in week one. Refer back to the original criteria using the link below for a reminder. Be sure to express whether your example is positive and hopeful or negative and showing a continued need for change.

3) Provide a brief discussion of how you think the item you found manifests through out the rest of the country and whether your local area is “better” or “worse” than the rest of the country with regards to the issue. Present what evidence you find to back up your view.

Link to First week instructions for a refresher

Some extra things to think about: Education is assumed to be the “great equalizer” in our society. We hear over and over that if we just get an education we will be able to be successful. Do you believe this is true? Why or why not? There are many social problems we have discussed in this class so far, and others we have yet to discuss, that have been linked to a lack of education.
Consider that the United States spends more per capita on education than other high-income countries yet our literacy scores are average, or below average, in a world comparison, as you can see from the movie trailer. You can see also in some of the articles presented that the literacy scores of native-born U.S. adults rank average or below average among other high-income nations, and if including non-native U.S. Citizens our ranking is even lower. Why do you think our rates are so low? Is public education in crisis as many believe it to be? If so, what was the catalyst and what, if anything should be done about it?

response required.jpgThis time you will comment about the articles and videos presented focusing on developing ideas for solutions to the items presented or the larger topic that remains a very pervasive problem. This week’s problem is something that many people still experience on a daily basis. Remember to keep that in mind when responding with possible solutions. It may be hard to respond if you feel you have not experienced this, however, if we practice empathy we may be able to come up with some ways to help society become more tolerant. You can always try to bring in hopeful examples of inclusion and acceptance to counter negative examples, while not diminishing the examples or experiences of anyone else.

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