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Christmas Celebration

Requirement: Take a religious celebration or observance from the Jewish,Christian, or Islamic traditions and trace its development through time up to the present. In what ways has it changed and how has it remained the same?

this is an argumentative essay, you will need to write the introduction and hook.

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Christmas Celebration
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A Few Things to Check on Your Paper•Make sure your introduction clearly lays out what you will be arguing.

•Indent your paragraphs.

•Avoid the use of personal pronouns in your essay.•Be sure to use transitional sentences to get from one paragraph to the next.

•Check for run-­‐on sentences that need to be broken up into smaller units.

•Break up long blocks of text into smaller paragraphs.•Remember to cite your sources as you use them throughout your paper.

•Place any footnotes you have at the end of the sentence.

•Number your pages.

•Make a point of proofreading through your paper when you are done to catch any errors you may have accidentally overlooked.

•Remove any spaces between your paragraphs

•5pages mean5 pages

footnote formatting, please visit the following website:http://www.oberlin.edu/faculty/svolk/citation.htm

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