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Representation in media

You can write more than the minimum required pages but not less. Make sure your responses include proper reference(s) to the required readings, with in-text citation (Author, p. #), for paraphrasing and quotations. Also make sure there is a balance between quotations, paraphrasing, and your own words.

2 questions total

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Representation in media
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https://we.riseup.net/assets/102142/appadurai.pdf here’s the textbook link

1- Explain how politics of representation of race and gender in the media reproduce the existing power relations. (Bell Hooks and Patricia Hill Collins, in Durham & Kellner, Media & Cultural Studies -pp. 308-334).

2- Explain the colonial discourse discussed by Stuart Hall’s analysis of representation in media (culture, meaning, encoding/decoding) and Chandra Talpade Mohanty’s analysis of “Under the Western Eyes” (social construction of “other” within the discourse of power). (Durham & Kellner, Media & Cultural Studies, pp. 137-144, 347-361,

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