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Case Management and Communication

Discussion 1. Module 2: Who Owns the Problem

One issue that may influence effective communication is to identify who needs to take a lead role in addressing the issue of interest to the client. These ownership issues may require the client to take ownership of the issue, the case manager should take more of a lead role, or the issue is shared. For this discussion, provide an example that highlights an issue that should be owned, in part, by the client (client’s family) and, in part, by the case manager.

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Case Management and Communication
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1. Identify the issue, who owns which part of the issue, and adequately describe why you believe this.

2. The readings highlighted ways people may discourage or encourage a client through their attitudes and the boundaries they set for the interactions. As a case manager, how would you guide the client to take ownership of the issue in a positive and encouraging way?

Discussion 2. Module 3: Active Listening

This module’s readings discuss strategies for listening, responding, and asking follow-up questions in a way that helps the client work toward identifying strategies that would help solve his or her own issue. Once you have read the assigned readings, I would like you to practice some of these skills by working through a scenario of a person in need of guidance.

The following assignment focuses on active listening skills, and asks for your responses to a script. Read the script and answer the questions.

Your neighbor stops by your house while you are working in your garage. Her body language and the tone of her voice show she is stressed, frustrated, and even a little fearful. She has been dating a guy on parole and they argue a lot. She just abruptly interrupts your work and says, “This relationship is turning out to be a mess. Why can’t I have a relationship with a guy who treats me nice? I don’t know what to do. I need to leave this guy but I am stuck in a lease and have no money to get out.”

What are some empathetic responses you could provide?

Ask at least one question that would seek clarification of something in the statement.

What are some open-ended follow-up questions you could ask?

Discussion 3. Module 4: Confrontation

We all have areas that require growth to be our absolute best. Exploring these areas is healthy and can be very productive for personal and professional growth. In the readings for this module, we continue our focus on analyzing effective communication strategies as well as our own personal strengths and weaknesses.

For this discussion, based on what you have learned in the readings, please think of a time when you experienced or witnessed a confrontation in either a personal or professional situation with a person from a different background that was not handled in the most appropriate manner. Note: I am intentionally asking for a reflection about interacting with someone from a different background/culture and so this should be addressed in the discussion.

Thoroughly describe what happened, the end result and how the experience made you feel.

Did cultural differences contribute to the situation? Explain why or why not?

What would have been a better approach?

What are some strategies that you have tried or could try that may improve one of your weaker communication skills? Explain.

Provide at least one outside source to support your statements.


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