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Active Listening Video Responses

Please help to do assignments and Give a comment on two videos attached:

Ted Talk (Active Listening without A Partner)
Watch a brief Ted talk (less than 6min.) https://www.ted.com/talks?sort=newest&duration=0-6&topics%5B%5D=Business. Then free write/type as much of the talk that you can remember in 2 minutes. (Set a timer on your phone.) After you’ve finished writing, re-watch the Ted Talk.

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Active Listening Video Responses
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Turn in the link to the talk you watched and your 2min free write page.
After re-watching the talk, what did you forget to write down?
Why do you think you forgot that particular material?
Were there visuals or body language that helped you to remember particular things?
What do you think you could’ve done to remember more of the talk? Cite principles learned from this week’s module.

Evaluate 5 Interactions Using Active Listening
Evaluate 5 interactions that you have this week where you practice active listening, then complete this self-evaluative Listening Skills worksheet. Turn in the following:

The Listening Skills worksheet with all 3 columns completed. (You can recreate this worksheet in Word or Excel if you like.) If you used active listening skills not on the worksheet, add them.
Discuss the exercise and explain how your interactions progressed.
Did you learn anything about yourself during this exercise? Discuss.
Do you feel this exercise affected the conversations you had, their outcomes, and what you got out of them? Explain.
Here are the two videos that I need your help to do comment for them. Each video will have each different paragraph comment. each paragraph should be around 10 sentences or more.

Your comment/observation/experience must be about the topic in general or about the content in the video(s).

Please also use your experience when doing comments on these video.you should create your own worksheet




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