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Hospital Project Case Study

Problem Statement / Goal Template
Problem Statement
Problem or opportunity: define the problem to solve or the opportunity to take advantage of. Be brief.
Project Goal
Describe the end result the project will deliver in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand
Hospital Project Case Study
You are a project manager for the Regional Hospital. The hospital is adding a new cancer wing to its existing facilities. Because of funding from government grants and several significant donors, the hospital is also undertaking facility-wide improvements. You have been asked to lead a project to replace the processes and system used to schedule patients into patient rooms, treatment and diagnostic rooms, and operating rooms throughout the hospital, including the new cancer ward. The goal of the project is to improve the hospital’s scheduling capability, with particular attention to maximising the use of the hospital facilities. The scheduling approach needs to satisfy critical patient healthcare needs and patient desires, such as having a private room when their insurance will cover the cost.
There are many things to consider when scheduling a hospital facility. These include, but aren’t limited to:
The critical need for immediate care
Insurance entitlements per patient (for example, private or semi-private room)
Is the patient contagious?
Need for diagnostic or health monitoring equipment and the capability of a patient room to accommodate the equipment
Staffing levels with required expertise, such as X-ray technicians or surgical skills
The overall project sponsor is the hospital COO, Dr. Carla Olsen, who will work with you to provide management support for the project. She oversees Physician and Patient Services in her role as the COO. She is frustrated by the hospital’s inability to effectively schedule facilities and is very excited about implementing this project. In your initial conversations with Dr. Olsen, she has expressed very strong opinions about how scheduling should be performed.
Hospital Case Study Organization Chart

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Hospital Project Case Study
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