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Types of research design

a)Determine the type of research design used (experiment, quasi-experiment, correlational, archival, meta-analysis, or case study)b)Identify the independent variables and the dependent variables(for these examples, the only study in which there is not clearly an IV and DV is the case study. Identify the IV and DV for the rest of the scenarios using the information contained in the “lecture”materials to assist you.)c)Identify any problems with the study and offer some suggestions for improvement
1.A human resource manager was interested in determining if there was a relationship between enjoyment of training and learning. He had 220 employees THAT HAD TO COMPLETE survey about the extent to which they enjoyed the training class and then gave them a test over the material included in the training course. He found that there was almost no relationship between enjoyment of training and learning.
2.A professor was interested in studying the relationship between job satisfaction and job performance. She looked at every issue of Journal of Management over the last 10 years and statistically combined the results reported in all of the relevant articles. The mean effect size (r) of .29indicated that there was a small relationship between them.
3.A professor hypothesized the people could be trained to detect deception in employment interviews. To test her hypothesis, she randomly assigned 100 students into one of two groups: 50 students were given training on detecting deception and 50 students were given training on interpersonal skills. Thestudents then viewed two interviews, one with a person lying and the other with a person telling the truth. After viewing the tapes, the students were asked to indicate whether the applicant in eachtape wastelling the truth about her work history. The professor found that the students who were trained to detect deception were not moreaccurate than those trained in interpersonal skills.
4.The Scandinavian Sweets Factory recently implemented shift work. The factory is now open 24 hours a dayand each employee voluntarily chose one of three shifts: day,afternoon, or night. The manager plans to compare each shift in six months to assess whether there are differences in the groups on productivity and turnover.
5.A professor who studies leadership wanted to generate a list of characteristics of national female leaders. She read biographical accounts and newspaper articles about three prominent female political leaders. She also interviewed colleagues, friends and family members of the three leaders. She generated a list of common attributes based on thisstudy. 6.In order to examine whether there were differences in personality characteristics between employees who stayed with the ABC Company and those who left within 5 years of their hiring, a human resource manager went through notes from job interviews for all employees over the last 10 years and recorded personality characteristics identified and then used personnel records to determine whether they left the company within 5 years.

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Types of research design
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