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Information Technology-software development

Respond to this discussion post. In responses to your peers, see if you can extend the conversation: Note any surprises or points of interest, ask questions, and share commonalities.
Hello all my name is Shannon. I’m studying a BSc in Information Technology with a concentration in software development. I’d hope to learn more efficiency through detailed techniques.
A time where I was apart of a project team, I did some contract work with southwest to upgrade two offices worth of workstations(250) with a 12 person team. The team was tasked with breaking down the old workstations; disconnecting hardware, managing old cabling, and sorting the items for recycling. This was to be followed with the replacement and set up of new monitors, workstations, and access points. The catch was this was to be done outside of business hours for this particular office, so the window for work was 12:00 a.m to 7 a.m.
We decided amongst the group who would be removing and installing, then went in waves removing the physical security that fastened the computers to the desk area. Then a group came to remove the items and place them in an organized pile to be boxed latere and another wave came through to clean up in between actions. We then followed the same pattern for installing, and rotated every few hours when a range of motion caused strain. I don’t recall much obstacles other than there only being 2 drills available and not having the correct size drill bits at first and this was quickly solved by the manager bringing the necessary tools from walmart. The project was delivered 10 days early and as a result we get a bonus for finishing ahead of schedule.

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Information Technology-software development
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