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Import and transportation management

In responses to your peers, see if you can extend the conversation: Note any surprises or points of interest, ask questions, and share commonalities. Then, be sure to reply to the responses you receive. In this course, the discussions should be friendly and show a collegial, inquisitive spirit, so here is the chance to begin and establish a positive tone! Respond to this post
Hello class
Nice to take a class with you all. My name is Ubong Usoro, I live in Texas with my family. I had a bachelor’s degree in sociology from William Paterson University New Jersey ten years ago. Today at SNHU, I am doing a dual major in Accounting and Operations Management concentration in Project and Logistics Management.
I work for Samsung, my experience in project management started 5 years ago, working on the Note 8 phone recall, the project was a team of 25 people, working with phones services companies and consumers all over United State collecting all the Note 8 recall phone and shipped back to South Korea. My other everyday project or recent project I work on, is having all Samsung new phones made or manufactured in South Korea, from start to end, packaged base customers (example like AT&T and T-Mobile) and shipped to the United State and to phone services companies directly.
The purpose and objective of the recalled phone project were to collect 98% of all the Note 8 phones sold in the United State Shipped the phones back to South Korea and issues a refund to consumers. My everyday work project is to make sure the new phone is package correct and shipped to Samsung customers that are phone service companies from South Korea to the United State. The project manager and team members are selected base on experience in transportation, accounting, logistics, supply chain, import, export and etc. My role in the project is always in import and transportation management. For the recall project, the were a lot of obstacles and our team overcome successfully and complete the project.

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Import and transportation management
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