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social networking and event’s marketing

Promotions and public relations are a crucial part of the marketing of any event. Event promotion involves communicating the image and content of the event to the potential audience.
a) How might social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter be used to support the activities for your event’s marketing? Your answer should focus principally on promotion, pricing, brand image and working with stakeholders.
b) Identify and provide details of five stakeholder groups (one of which must be attendees) for a new three-day music festival that will take place on the outskirts of your town. At this event, 3000 people are expected to see ten bands, with around 1,500 of the attendees arriving by car, and as many camping in a nearby field.
Choose a domestic sport such as football or cricket, and identify six key market segments you think a club should target. You should indicate what percentage of the total supporter base each segment might represent.

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social networking and event’s marketing
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